Hot and Chilled Fluid Coils

Our fluid coils are manufactured with copper tubes.  We offer a wide variety of connection materials and circuiting types.  Desaturation coils are available as a standard product.  We have the capability to locate the header and connections to match up with existing installations to make retrofits a breeze.

DX Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils derive their name from the conversion of liquid refrigerant to vapor in a traditional vapor-compression refrigeration system.  In a heat pump application, the evaporator will also serve as the condenser as its role changes from a cooling coil to a heating coil.  We offer various circuiting options from single circuit coils to multi-circuit interlaced and face split options.  We can provide ASC connections for heat pump applications.

Condenser and Reheat Coils

Condenser coils derive their name from the conversion of high-pressure refrigerant vapor to high pressure liquid in a traditional vapor-compression refrigeration system.  These coils reject heat from the refrigerant into the airstream.  We can match the number of circuits to those required and can place the headers and connections where they need to go. 

Steam Coils

Steam heating coils are typically made with thicker wall tubing, and we have the ability to make these coils with tubing up to 0.049” thick. To avoid issues such as water hammering that will greatly reduce the life of the coil it is important to not overload the tubes with excessive condensate. We offer pitched casings to help with condensate removal.